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Platinum Music Awards

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Celebrating a Lifetime

Platinum Music Awards on Hiatus


Annual awards celebration for New Mexico’s Music Heroes to resume in the future


Founded in 2017, the Platinum Music Awards has annually honored New Mexico’s Music Heroes with an award presentation and Gala show. Due to the current Corona Virus pandemic, the NM Music Commission and its Foundation has decided to forgo the 2020 and future shows. The Platinum Music Awards event has been held in July and August the past three years at the Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe. Eighteen of the state’s musical heroes, over many different genres, plus educators and music related institutions have been honored.


“Over these three years the NM Music Commission Foundation had the honor of meeting these music legends, documenting their accomplishments and celebrating them at our annual show,” stated NMMCF president David Schwartz. “The Foundation, in conjunction with the NM Music Commission, will also continue to pursue other programs to support music and music education in the state.”


The Foundation’s efforts in the schools has been ongoing since 2017. The Foundation has sponsored several music presentations and master classes in local Santa Fe schools, including performances and instruction by high profile musicians including John Kurzweg, Lone Pinõn, Stephanie Hatfield and Tiffany Christopher. Several members of the Foundation have also helped to produce the Santa Fe Public Schools’ annual spring musical showcase that brings together hundreds of student musicians for a performance at the Lensic.

The NM Music Commission is now the NM Arts Foundation, established in early 2022. In addition to supporting NM Music, the NMAF will support all NM arts with programs, fundraising and events throughout the state. Watch for more information soon.

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